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V20 Themes

Theme 1: Data Transparency and Availability in Global Valuation Practices

Data transparency and availability are critical global issues that significantly impact valuation practices worldwide. In the context of the Valuation 20 (V20) Summit, the theme of data transparency and availability is of paramount importance as it addresses the challenges faced by the valuation community on a global scale.

Focus Areas

Harmonisation of Data Standards

Access to Reliable Data Sources

Data Privacy and Security

Cross-Border Data Exchange

Technological Innovation and Data Management

Theme 2: Valuing Livelihood, Land Use, and Habitat

It recognises the crucial role that valuation plays in shaping decisions related to livelihood sustainability, land utilisation, and habitat protection. The V20 Committee dedicated to this theme aims to ensure that valuations align with the purpose and policy objectives of the G20 Engagement Groups. By promoting clarity and transparency in land asset valuations, the committee seeks to support both the Financial Track and the Sherpa Track of the G20, enabling access to finance for projects that prioritise livelihood sustainability, particularly those led by female entrepreneurs.

Focus Areas

Support the implementation of the UN Development Goals

Integrate the International Land Measurement Standards into valuation advice

Support the development and implementation of UN-Habitat Valuation

Promote the use of the UN-Habitat Manual for the valuation of unregistered Land

Encourage the consideration of livelihood impairment in development decisions

Theme 3: ESG integration: Redefining Value in a Changing World

We understand that capacity building and knowledge sharing are crucial for promoting sustainable growth in valuation practices. By investing in professional development, sharing best practices, and nurturing expertise, we aim to empower valuation professionals and institutions worldwide. Our discussions will focus on initiatives to strengthen capacity, facilitate knowledge exchange, and foster collaborations that drive innovation and excellence in valuation.

Focus Areas

Regulatory Clarity and Alignment

Effects of ESG Metrics and Ratings on Valuation

Standards and Methodologies

Transparent Reporting and Disclosure

 Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Theme 4: Strengthening Professional Capacity: Advancing Global Valuation Competence

The theme of capacity building in valuation acknowledges the growing demand for improved standards, uniformity, and transparency in the valuation profession. It emphasises the need for globally recognised valuation designations and the adoption of International Valuation Standards (IVS) to enhance public trust and investor confidence. The focus is on elevating the professionalism of valuers through standardised qualifications, registration requirements, continuous education, and adherence to a common code of conduct

Focus Areas

Standardised Pre-Entry Requirements and Technical Qualifications

Standardised Professional Registration Requirements and Integrity Assessments

Uniform Professional Registration Categories Worldwide

Continuous Education and Training Requirements

 Subscription to a Common Code of Professional Conduct

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