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Assessors and Registered Valuers Foundation
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V 20   V A L U A T I O N   S U M M I T & C O N F E R E N C E

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India   &    International Valuation Standard Council

Welcome to the Valuation Summit and Conference, a groundbreaking initiative that recognises the pivotal role of valuation in today's world. As the first-ever valuation engagement group of its kind, the V20 represents a significant milestone in addressing valuation issues on a global scale. It serves as a unifying platform, bringing together diverse stakeholders from around the world to collectively shape the future of the valuation ecosystem. Under the overarching theme of   "Economically Stable World to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals"  the group will delve into the critical issues and advancements in valuation practices that are instrumental in driving positive change worldwide. 

Valuation, as a fundamental pillar of economic decision-making, relies on a thriving and supportive environment to flourish and contribute to sustainable development. It is essential that policies, frameworks, and regulations at both the national and international levels evolve alongside the rapid advancements in valuation practices.



"Supporting Informed Decision-Making by the G20 through Trusted, Reliable, and Transparent Valuation Advice"


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Through the four themes, the V20 engagement group provides a global platform to address prevailing issues in the field of valuation. Our objective is to empower valuation professionals, valuation professional organisations (VPOs), and policymakers worldwide by formulating policies, conducting research, and providing technical guidance and recommendations. With a focus on navigating the evolving landscape, our aim is to contribute to a more resilient and inclusive global economy. Within each theme, we strive to identify challenges, explore innovative solutions, and seize opportunities to shape a robust and forward-thinking valuation landscape. Together, we are dedicated to driving positive change and enhancing the effectiveness and impact of valuation practices across the globe.

Data Transparency and Availability in Global Valuation Practices

Data transparency and availability are critical global issues that significantly impact valuation practices worldwide. In the context of the Valuation 20 (V20) Summit, the theme of data transparency and availability is of paramount importance as it addresses the challenges faced by the valuation community on a global scale.


The committee dedicated to this theme will work collaboratively to tackle the following global issues related to data transparency and availability in valuation practices.

Our Keynote Speaker


  Kim Hildebrandt

Chairman- Tangible Assets Board
International Valuation Standard Council

Kim Hildebrandt is a Specialist Valuer, Infrastructure at Valuer-General Victoria focusing on valuation of tangible assets for a range of purposes including dispute & litigation, financial reporting, insurance and taxation matters.

With more than 18 years’ of valuation experience, he has conducted valuation assignments for clients throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Oceania, giving him in-depth and unique insight into a range of tangible assets and capital intensive businesses. During this time, he has teamed with various specialist groups such as business & intangible valuation, M&A, transaction support, real estate advisory, restructuring, legal, audit and taxation to provide integrated valuation analysis and advice.

His experience has spanned a number of industries focusing on power generation, mining, utilities, oil & gas, infrastructure, communications, food & beverage and transportation, but has also been complemented with a portfolio of work in each of the agriculture & forestry, government, healthcare, manufacturing and support sectors.

Kim received his bachelor degrees in Geomatic Engineering (Honours) and Science (Computer Science) from the University of Melbourne. He is an Associate Member & Certified Practising Valuer (P&E) with the Australian Property Institute, and an Accredited Senior Appraiser (M&TS) with the American Society of Appraisers.

Conference Speakers

Our Conference Speakers

Technical Session 1
V20 for G20

Ben Elder

Ben Elder 
Global Director of Valuation at RICS

Key Note Speaker


Raymond Moran
Managing Director FON Advisors, LLC


Sh. Manishkumar M_edited.png

Manish Kumar M. Chaudhari
Chief General Manager 



Satoshi Ishihara
Environmental and Social Compliance Specialist  World Bank Group.

Untitled design (24)_edited.jpg

PJ Patel
Co-CEO and Sr MD 
Valuation Research Group


TERCIO QUEIROZ _edited.jpg

Tercio Queiroz 



 Kim Hildebrandt
Chair -Tangible Assets Board IVSC


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