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About V20 India

The V20 Summit, a pioneering event in the valuation field, was spearheaded by the Assessors and Registered Valuers Foundation (AARVF) in collaboration with the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and other distinguished partners. The summit, which took place in New Delhi, India from October 26th to 28th, 2023, initiated a unique valuation engagement group with the goal of uniting global stakeholders to shape the future of the valuation ecosystem.

The summit's theme, "Economically Stable World to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals," underscored the transformative impact of Trusted, Reliable, and Transparent (TRT) valuation advice. Participants from the G20 Valuation Professional Organisations (VPOs) committed to leveraging such advice to foster sustainable development and a stable, prosperous world.

To realise this vision, the V20 pledged to:

  1. Champion TRT valuation advice.

  2. Uphold ethics, pursue methodological excellence, and ensure transparency.

  3. Utilise collective intelligence to foster diversity and inclusivity within the valuation ecosystem.

  4. Align with the G20's principles of sustainable development, inclusive growth, and responsible governance.


This commitment aims to support G20 Working Groups with transparent and objective valuation information to facilitate better decision-making.

The V20 Summit and Conference was enriched by the participation of organizations from 10 countries, demonstrating its international scope. It featured a scholarly academic symposium at the RICS School of Built Environment in Noida, where 23 exemplary papers were selected for presentation on themes central to the valuation field, such as ESG integration and data transparency's impact on global practices.

The main event unfolded at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka, captivating over 300 participants with six technical sessions that explored emerging valuation methodologies, regulatory advancements, and global market trends. Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions provided profound insights into the valuation landscape.

A highlight was the collective decision to host the next summit in Brazil, a decision formalized by the signing of the Summit Declaration by all participating VPOs. This symbolises the commitment to ongoing international collaboration and the advancement of standardised valuation approaches globally.



V20 Valuation Summit and Conference represents a significant milestone in the valuation profession, setting new standards for global collaboration, innovation, and shared vision towards sustainable and trusted valuation practices.

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Historic Summit DeclarationUnifying VPOs for a Sustainable Future

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