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V20 Mission Statement


Supporting Informed Decision-Making by the G20 through TRT (Trusted, Reliable, Transparent) Valuation Advice

The V20 aims to support informed decision-making by the G20 through TRT (Trusted, Reliable, Transparent) valuation advice. This mission serves as a guiding principle to enhance the quality and effectiveness of valuation practices within the G20 community. By focusing on these key aspects, the V20 strives to elevate the importance of valuation in decision-making processes and foster greater confidence among stakeholders.

  • Trusted Valuation Advice: Building trust in valuation advice is crucial for decision-makers. It requires upholding rigorous standards, following ethical guidelines, and demonstrating professional integrity and independence. By prioritising trustworthiness, the V20 aims to ensure that valuation professionals provide advice that stakeholders can rely on with confidence.

  • Reliable Valuation Advice: Reliability is a fundamental aspect of valuation advice. It involves employing robust methodologies, utilising accurate data, and implementing quality control measures. By emphasising reliability, the V20 aims to enhance the credibility of valuation insights, providing decision-makers with a solid foundation for their choices.


  • Transparent Valuation Advice: Transparency in valuation processes is essential for informed decision-making. This includes clear documentation, disclosure of assumptions and limitations, and open communication with stakeholders. The V20 encourages transparency to facilitate a deeper understanding of valuation methodologies and promote accountability in the decision-making process.

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