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About V20 Brazil


Welcome to the second edition of the V20 Summit and Conference, an event that is quickly becoming the cornerstone for global valuation standards and practices. Hosted with distinction by IBAPE—the Brazilian Institute of Engineering Assessments and Expertise—in association with the International Valuation Standard Council and the Assessors and Registered Valuers Foundation, we delve into this year’s theme: "Valuation for Sustainability and Inclusive Growth: Bridging Finance and the Digital Divide." The summit will be convened in the vibrant city of São Paulo at the CREA-SP Auditorium from September 30th to October 2nd, 2024.

About the V20 Summit and Conference

The V20 Summit and Conference is designed to be a confluence of ideas, innovation, and collaboration. Set amidst São Paulo’s dynamic milieu, the summit beckons leaders, experts, and practitioners in valuation from all corners of the world to engage in profound discussions that will influence sustainable growth and inclusivity. Over three transformative days, participants will explore how advanced valuation practices can connect and uplift financial systems and bridge the digital divide, thereby reinforcing a global vision of inclusive economic progression.

V20 Summit

On the opening day of the V20 Summit in São Paulo, expect engaging discussions that set the tone for the conference. The focus will be on:

  • Unveiling initiatives to integrate global valuation standards.

  • Debating the role of valuation in emerging economies versus established markets.

  • Setting the agenda for sustainable finance and inclusive growth discussions to follow in the conference days.

V20 Summit Objectives and Vision

Summit Engagement and Outcomes

The V20 Summit is committed to engaging participants in a series of discussions, case studies, and interactive sessions focused on key areas in the field of valuation. The anticipated outcomes of these engagements are detailed below:

V20 Conference

Join us on October 1st and 2nd, where the essence of the V20 Brazil Summit and Conference comes to life, offering a series of incisive discussions on pivotal topics:

  • On September 30th "Navigating Standards and Risks" takes centre stage as we analyse the influence of international and local valuation standards on emerging and established markets and tackle the intricacies of transnational assessments amidst varying costs of capital and country risks.

  • On October 1st, the discourse "Enhancing Valuation Practices and Sustainability" delves deeply into the importance of professional training, the mass assessment for taxation, the integration of ESG factors in valuation, and the paramountcy of reliability and transparency in data acquisition.

Join us in São Paulo.

This summit is far more than just a conference; it’s a catalyst for change, a hub for innovation, and a platform for forging connections that will advance the valuation field. São Paulo, renowned for its economic vigour and cultural diversity, sets the stage for this global forum.


We warmly invite you to mark your calendars for the V20 Brazil Summit and Conference. Be a part of this momentous event that promises not just to discuss change but to actively initiate it in the valuation industry. Join us for an enlightening journey that promises to echo through the realms of valuation, sustainability, and inclusive growth.


We eagerly await your arrival in São Paulo for an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of valuation in service of a more equitable and sustainable global economy.

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